Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Hurried Woman

You may be wondering what the heck is a hurried woman! Well according to some, it's a growing epidemic.  Women of my generation are feeling the crunch.  Many of us were blessed to experience what it was, to have a stay-at-home mother.  We knew what it meant to have hot, balanced meals as a family and not just once a week but actually EVERY day! We had someone there to pack our lunches, volunteer to bake for school bake sales, and permission slips were always filled out and returned to school on time. We are of the same generation, to grow up being told (not only) could we do all that the boys could do, and better, because it was what our mothers and grand mothers suffered for...the seed of expectation was planted.
Yes, the fairer sex, we certainly are good at using guilt as a tool of manipulation, and against ourselves!  As a result of this crunch, a "hurried mum" feels she should have a career, run a household, be the chief decision maker and caregiver for the children, and perhaps even have personal extra curricular interests!  Although husbands or partners tend to do more than perhaps our fathers or grandfathers did, the expectation is still there, that we as the woman, handle the brunt of the household chores and child-rearing responsibilities.  Personally (and truly speaking for myself) this has been partly societal, and partly my own genetic tendancy.  SO this is where this blog starts from- a hurried mum, who now at 30+, is attempting to find balance between work, family and person.  Which - as you'll learn if you don't know me personally, is futher complicated by personality! lol  I am quite 'A.D.D.', in that I am very easily distracted (although I prefer to call it 'inspired') by all things creative. And although my interests are varied, I have little time to dedicate to any one in particular.

You'll soon see why... :)

To give you a small taste of what is to come- here is how my day started today:

I wake up, pleasantly surprised that  there are only 2 of us in our bed- yes, in our home, more often than not, where we fall asleep is not where we wake.

We are currently battling with our 3 year old to embrace independance and become 'potty trained'.

After much heated discussion, which may or may not have included a generous bribe of chocolate (don't judge me) I managed to convince Gabby (our 3 year old) to give the potty a go.  That was the high point of the morning.  Shortly thereafter, she decided that clothing was optional, and before I could try to launch into a convincing argument, she hid.  Yep, she hid under the living room coffee table, she pulled that move right out of our dog, Hank's play book.  It's his go-to spot when he knows we are going to put him in his kennel.  Well, the jokes on Gabs, I'm quick with the camera, and now have yet another shot for the "How to embarrass your future teenager" file.

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