Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dynamic Hurried Mom's

I am constantly in awe of some of the Mom's I have met and/or have discovered via the wonderful Internet.  I am in awe, I suppose because I lack the focus to be able to pull-off what many of them do.
I recently took up yet another 'habit', not smoking, but maybe something just as addictive and likely not very productive (lol)- it's 'Pinterest'.  Most people are now well aware of this new phenomenon. Yet another online hub for sharing and creativity. It's literally online bulletin boards. Needless to say, also an embarrassingly huge time-waster, but also a ridiculous source of creative ideas for those of us that just can't have enough recipes and crafts!

Here's a couple moms I'd like to bring to your attention:

The first I discovered just yesterday via Pinterest.  Her name is Wendy Tsao and she's from Vancouver, BC (Yay, I always get a bit excited when I discover something awesome- and it turns out to be Canadian!! woohooo!)  This woman is talented... let me re-word that... this woman is incomprehensibily TALENTED!  She makes stuffed-animals (aka 'stuffies', 'softies' etc) based on children's own hand-drawn renderings! Check out her site here: (and prepare to be amazed)
I am blown away.  For those of you that don't know me, my B Ed degree was a double major in Drama and Home Economics Education.  Although I don't do much sewing (just small and fast projects as I don't have the attention span to enjoy anything that would take more than a couple of hours) I truly admire her skill! And so wish I could spend my days creating the toys she does. Honestly, can you imagine the look on the face of a child, who drew the fiercest dragon they could imagine, only to have it handed to them days later?  Inspiring. Admirable. Definitely not enough 'feel good' businesses like this in the world!

Another mom that I have to share is Erron Anderson.  I was blessed to have met her also, in a round-about way via the Internet. Although, she lives nearby, our paths may never have crossed.  But I've certainly been grateful they have!
Erron is a stay-at-home Mom, business owner, creator, educator, writer and advocate. She has 4 young children whom she home schools on her country homestead, where they also raise and grow their own food (organicly of course!). Her most recent business venture is She is a Hurried Mum Hero.  She leads by example and inspires others not just with her crafty ideas, but with her words of wisdom in her blogs about parenting, autism, and surviving the loss of a child. Check her out- I guarantee you'll learn something.

Yet another Mom that has inspired me over the years (I think almost 10 years!) is a dear friend as well.  Shann Minish.  This chic needs a blog but I don't know where she'd find the time.  She has always been dynamic.  And her talent has always been reflected in her children.  This is a woman who's oldest child was down-hill skiing around the time of his first birthday. Seriously.
In addition to being a mom, running a house, having 2 kids and a husband with busy extra curricular activities, she manages to run a grain farm (yes- SHE runs it), and she also runs the local postal office in her town.  I always admired her dynamic personality (with her interests ranging from Nascar to Scrapbooking, Wholistic Medicine to Hockey), but when she had auto-steering installed in her combine so she could also breast-feed, she took multi-tasking to a level never heard of!  She's crafty, sporty, generous, giving and she can sing! If she wasn't so dang loveable, I'd probably have to hate her a little. lol 

I hope you are inspired by these Moms.  They make me want to power-forward and try a little harder, while also aspiring for some level of balance and creativity.

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  1. Thanks Ange. I don't get to spend as much time as I would like being creative, but every now and then I think, raising kids is creating something. Right? Also, having so much on my plate leaves me too strapped to do things like: return pyrex dishes when good friends make you a meal when your family gets really sick. (this is me saying I'm gonna get your dish to you soon:))

    Oh, and I too still find some time to squeeze Pinterest in. I could have sworn I didn't have a single extra minute in my day, but I was sucked in. Your readers can find me as Erron Anderson.

    You inspire me with your baking, sewing, scrap-booking, and the fact that you are so multi-craftual.

    Being such an amazing friend, its pretty darn inspiring too. Thanks for being mine.